Best Shovel for Digging in Clay – 6 Best Shovels

Best shovel for digging in clay

When we talk about garden tools, shovels are a part of that illustrious tool list. They’re very easy to use and come in handy when we need to dig up something in our garden soil. For someone not aware of shovels, it is important for them to know the uses of different kinds of shovels.

A good shovel has a long handle and not only works well with soft soil but also digs up hard soil. A shovel that doesn’t do its job in hard soil conditions can’t be deemed a good shovel at all. But, we’re here to help you decide on which one you should go for and which shovel is the best shovel for digging in clay.






Radius Garden 202 Pro Stainless Steel Shovel (Available Soon)

5.07 pounds

39 inches


Spear Head Spade Long Handle Gardening Shovel SHLF2 (Available Soon)

4.04 pounds

58 inches


Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel (Available Soon)

5 pounds

45 inches


Bully Tools 82510 Round Point Shovel (Available)

4.5 pounds

48.5 inches


Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel SHFD3 (Available Soon)

3.8 pounds

41.5 inches


Union Tools Round Point Shovel (Available Soon)

2.9 pounds

40 inches


CO-Z Clay Gravel Shovel


19.15 inches


DIG MY SHOVEL - Super Light 2 lbs 52" Aluminum Alloy Garden Shovel

3.29 pounds

32 Inches


Different Types of Shovels

Before talking about the best shovels for you, let’s first go through the different types of shovels that currently exist.

1. Digging Shovel

Digging shovels are the most conventional shovels currently available. There’s no rocket science attached to them and have curved sides that help the digger scoop up material with convenience.

2. Scraper Shovel

Scraper shovels usually have edges in the front and perform very well due to their different shape as compared to a conventional digging shovel.

3. Trenching Shovel

For cleaning trenches, trenching shovels are used. These shovels have very narrow blades with sharp curves that help defining or cleaning of trenches.

4. Scooping Shovel

These shovels are not suited for digging as they have a flat blade but are good for carrying rubble or other dug up material from one place to another.

6 Best Shovels for Digging in Clay

Following are some of the best shovels currently available exclusively for digging in clay.

1. Radius Garden 202 Pro Stainless Steel Shovel

If you’re looking for a shovel that is sturdy, easy to use, and highly durable, the stainless steel shovel by Radius Garden suits your criteria. It is very suitable for two-handed usage and reduces stress on hands while being used due to its gripping nature.

When we talk about shovels, we also see the maneuverability factor, and the Radius Garden 202 Pro does well in this too. The best thing; however, is the fact that it comes with life-time guarantee, hence again showing the belief manufacturers have in this product.


2. Spear Head Spade Long Handle Gardening Shovel SHLF2

The long handle gardening shovel by Spear Head Spade SHLF2 was marked as the best shovel for gardening in 2018 and 2019. That shows how good this shovel actually is. As compared to normal handles, the fiberglass handle is more sturdy and durable.

It does its job really well while also being lightweight at the same time. The blade is designed in such a way as to make the overall digging process more convenient for the user. Price might be an inhibiting factor, but if you’re just looking for something to do the job and do it well, then tis long handle shovel will do you proud.

Highly Maneuverable
Extremely Lightweight
Very Robust and Sturdy

3. Radius Garden 22011 Root Slayer Shovel

This shovel is ideal for digging up roots but works well when it comes to digging only in clay. The Radius Garden 22011 comes with a long, gripping handle that reduces stress on both hands and promotes two-handed usage.

The shovel comes with a V-shaped blade that helps it to rip through clay as if it’s nothing. When it comes to heavy duty clay related outdoor tasks, this shovel does its job well. The added benefit of the shovel is that it’s a multi-purpose shovel and can act as a root saw and a shovel too.

Very Sturdy
Expensive for what it offers

4. Bully Tools 82510 Round Point Shovel

The round point shovel by Bully Tools comes with a Propylene Co-polymer grip that doesn’t break at all. The product also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee that clearly shows that work has been put in making this product the best it could be.

The shovel is durable but falls a bit behind in durability as compared to other shovels. 14 gauge steel is used in its blade manufacturing that is sturdy and helps the shovel to do its job very well. All in all, for every day usage, this shovel is a good option, especially if you’re dealing with clay digging on a regular basis.

Not the most Durable
Heavy for long working hours

5. Spear Head Spade Gardening Shovel SHFD3

When we talk about the best of the best tools in digging, the SHFD3 gardening shovel by Spear Head Spade comes to mind. With a spear head design and fiberglass, the shovel rips through soil let alone penetrate it. Add to this the D-grip that provides great leverage and comfort while using the shovel.

The shovel is non-conductive, weather-resistant, and doesn’t require frequent maintenance. Add to this it’s lightweight and durability properties, and we have a very good package in front of us. High price could be an issue for some but for those who just want the job done in the best possible way, this shovel is ideal for them.

Not the most Durable
Heavy for long working hours

6. Union Tools Round Point Shovel

The round point shovel by Union Tools has a carbon steel blade with a strong D-grip. It comes with a hardwood handle that is very important for durability of the shovel. For those who do occasional digging activities at home or anywhere else, the shovel is perfect.

The shovel is good for lightweight usage but not recommended for heavy-duty clay digging tasks on a daily basis. The price that comes with this shovel makes it a very attractive option for those who’re just seeking a shovel for occasional gardening or digging usage.

Not for Regular heavy duty usage

Final Verdict

Our team at YourYardCart has written down some of the best shovels for digging in clay. Every shovel has its own pros and cons, and they are directly proportional to the price that comes with them. To conclude, there is no perfect shovel. Every shovel has its own advantages and disadvantages, and reasons for buying any shovel depend on the kind of usage that you expect from them.


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