How to Hang a Tree Swing on an Angled Branch?

how-to-hang a-tree-swing-on-an-angled-branch
How to hang a tree swing on an angled branch (Image Credits to Quarry Designs)

How to hang a tree swing on an angled branch is something that has always quizzed my mind. Hanging a swing on a tree sounds like a simple enough task, but not everyone has a tree with nearly perfectly straight branches at home. I’ve been researching this myself and have found a solution on how to hang a tree swing on an angled branch.

There are so many trees with angled branches, and one always wants to have a nice, fine swing that the tree branch can easily handle. But, in the case of angled branches, setting a swing isn’t easy. Setting a perfect swing on an angled branch is something most people are never able to do. I thought the same for myself until I found a great solution, and now, even with an angled branch tree, I can make a swing with ease at home.

Advantages of Hanging Swings on Branches

Whether you have children at home or adults, everybody loves a good old swing. Children especially fall in love with it as it helps them in the coordination of different body parts. Add to that the fun the entire family has, and you’ve got a completely great experience. Some people consider swings to be too basic when it comes to having fun family time, but trust me, that one has a lot of fun with hanging tree swing.

Types of Tree Swings

There are mainly two common types of tree swings. The first is a single tree swing, which is considered to be the easiest one to install. The other type is a double tree swing that, too, is considered fairly easy to implement. Still, things get a lot trickier in terms of angled branches, which we’ll discuss in detail below.

Which Swing is Easier for Angled Branch?

When we compare the installation of single and double swings on an angled branch from an easiness perspective, I’ve concluded that single tree swings are more convenient to be installed on angled branches. Double tree swings can be installed as well, but there are a few more things needed to be done to properly install a double swing on your angled tree branch at home.

How to Hang a Single Tree Swing on an Angled Branch Solution

You can make a single tree swing on an angled branch very easily. The first thing you need to have is a very strong rope. A polyester or polypropylene rope is recommended for swings. Tying the rope from one end and leaving the other end as it is the first step.

You’re also going to need a pole and a ladder if the angled branch you’re targeting is located much higher on the tree. So, if that’s the case, leave a small opening in the knot so that a pole can fit into it, and you can then easily send the rope on top of the branch.

After you’ve installed the rope properly, tie the other end of the rope in a running bowline knot style. After we’ve installed the rope, tie off the running bowline. You can use a throw bag for throwing the rope back on the branch to tie it all up properly. Your ideal single tree swing on an angled branch is ready.

How to Hang a Double Tree Swing on an Angled Branch Solution

You can make a double tree swing easily by simply following the procedure of the single swing. But, there’s a catch to it. As it’s a double tree swing, you’ll need two ropes instead of one separated by a decent distance.

In a single tree swing, you only need a disc and knot the rope end so that the disc doesn’t get loosened up from the rope. In case of a double tree swing, you’ll need a solid pipe alongside a bigger wooden seat to tie down the two ropes. You’ll also need an eye bolt and a few nuts with washers.

First, find an appropriate angled branch on which you want to make the double tree swing. By appropriate, we mean a healthy branch that is sure of not breaking in the process. One rope guarantees to tie with the branch with perfection. The issue is with the second rope that can’t be of the same size as the first one due to the angular form of the branch.

Then, just like the pendulum, the path of the ropes change, and the much-needed cohesion goes out of the window. That situation is also termed as a crooked swing. The issue is very difficult to solve in an angled branch, as that makes for a very bad swing experience.

Fix to the Crooked Tree Swing Rope

You’ll need to do a series of steps to ensure that the second rope doesn’t stay crooked and change its pathway due to the angled branch. First, you’ll need a pipe that can be a PVC Pipe for ease. Then, create a hole in the upper area of the pipe 1 to 2 inches below from the top using a bit (3/8 inch).

The next step is finding a long nut and bold to bring everything together. But, before doing that, drill a hole through the branch using a 1 inch bit so that the PVC pipe can easily fit inside of it. Our next step is to check and make sure that the lower area (point of movement) of the first rope is at the same height as the second rope.

A level does a good job to accomplish that. So, just place the level on the lower area of the first rope, and keep taking it in the same direction towards the second rope. The height we find will be the point to which the PVC pipe will stretch through the branch hole. This does because it brings the pendulum length of the second rope equivalent to the first rope, hence eradicating the crooked swing.

The Remaining Complete Process

Now, the next step is inserting the PVC pipe from under the branch hole upwards. Keep going till the small holes you made with the help of the 3/8 inch bit come at the top. One key thing at the same time is to make sure that the first rope’s pendulum length (point of movement) is exactly similar to the lower end of the PVC pipe. That will result in a smooth experience.

Now, the issue here is that the PVC pipe will move downwards whenever the rope moves. So, we’ll need to lock the pipe in one exact place. To do that, we’ll make use of the small holes that were created earlier and see from the top of the branch.

Take the eyebolt and put it through the lowest hole that we made using the 3/8 inch bit. To adequately lock the eyebolt, use a nut and large washers. The next step is to tie the second rope with the angled branch and move its one end through the PVC pipe and the branch.

Make sure that the long bolt you attached to the pipe with the nut and washers remains in place as that will stop the pipe from going downwards. I also recommend attaching another small rope between the two fulcrums for extra stability. I’ve made a rough illustration of how the entire process works. Apologies for my bad drawing though.

Hang a swing on an angled branch illustration

Final Verdict

So there you have it. A fully working double tree swing at your home on an angled branch. I’ve researched as much as I could and have found this solution on how to hang a tree swing on an angled branch. In case you’re having difficulties setting it up, you can always get in touch with me via email.


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